How we work


Discover & Plan

To produce the best solution possible, we pay close attention to your vision, needs, wishes and requirements. We welcome your suggestions and thoughts. 

Together we discuss the details of the project and create a clear plan and an overview of every step we will take together to complete your project most smoothly and efficiently. 

The first step consists of gathering all materials needed from you for developing the project.

In the next step, we will create a mood board based on the plan made in our Q&A conversation. 

Once the mood board is approved, we will create the website’s first draft, including the layout, navigation and all the design elements such as fonts, colours and images.

Lastly, the project draft will be presented in which we will gather all your feedback for further adjustments and make all the changes you request. 





At this stage, we will work more closely to make the final changes and adjustments. 

All final content will be made, such as texts, images, products, functionalities and integration.

We will work together until the project is complete and you are fully satisfied. 

Before launching, we need to test every functionality, responsiveness, navigation and integrations. 





Finally, we are ready to bring your vision and project to your audience. We will help you get your project on your server and domain and ensure everything works perfectly. 

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