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A businesses online presence is their core form of communication with the digital world.

As technology use continues to rapidly advance, presenting your brand in a clear and aesthetic format online has never been so important!


In a time of global uncertainty (as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic), it’s vital for businesses to adapt and engage with the thriving new world of online marketing. A way to do this is through creating a high quality website.

This is a way to inspire consumers to purchase your products and authentically demonstrate the best qualities of your business.

Digital mediums provide businesses with a platform to both educate and highlight the unique features of their product/service. The quality of your online content directly correlates with the likelihood of attracting the optimum audience.

According to a recent Salesforce survey, 85% of consumers conduct research before
making a purchase online, from this, 74% of consumers said that they use websites to
do so. This data encapsulates the significance that websites possess in contributing to a consumer’s final choice to purchase. 


Another key element that goes into creating a strong online presence, is ensuring the page is user-friendly, this involves; creating an enjoyable journey on the site for the consumer, ensuring the site is easy to access and navigate as well as being visually attractive.

These different factors come together to create a positive user-friendly experience which often inspires customers to revisit the website, therefore creating a greater level of customer retention and loyalty.


Promoting your business at a high quality level online will allow more room for your company to digitally and physically excel in the future

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